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The Swoole\Http\Server class

(PECL swoole >= 1.9.0)


Class synopsis

class Swoole\Http\Server extends Swoole\Server {
/* Methods */
public on(string $event_name, callable $callback): void
public start(): void
/* Inherited methods */
public Swoole\Server::addlistener(string $host, int $port, string $socket_type): void
public Swoole\Server::after(int $after_time_ms, callable $callback, string $param = ?): ReturnType
public Swoole\Server::bind(int $fd, int $uid): bool
swoole_timer_clear(int $timer_id): void
public Swoole\Server::close(int $fd, bool $reset = ?): bool
public Swoole\Server::connection_info(int $fd, int $reactor_id = ?): array
public Swoole\Server::connection_list(int $start_fd, int $pagesize = ?): array
public Swoole\Server\Port::on(string $event_name, callable $callback): ReturnType
public Swoole\Server::getClientInfo(int $fd, int $reactor_id = ?, bool $ignore_error = ?): array
public Swoole\Server::getClientList(int $start_fd, int $pagesize = ?): array
public Swoole\Server::heartbeat(bool $if_close_connection): mixed
public Swoole\Server::listen(string $host, int $port, string $socket_type): bool
public Swoole\Server::on(string $event_name, callable $callback): void
public Swoole\Server::protect(int $fd, bool $is_protected = ?): void
public Swoole\Server::send(int $fd, string $data, int $reactor_id = ?): bool
public Swoole\Server::sendfile(int $fd, string $filename, int $offset = ?): bool
public Swoole\Server::sendMessage(int $worker_id, string $data): bool
public Swoole\Server::sendto(
    string $ip,
    int $port,
    string $data,
    string $server_socket = ?
): bool
public Swoole\Server::set(array $settings): ReturnType
public Swoole\Server::stop(int $worker_id = ?): bool
public Swoole\Server::task(string $data, int $dst_worker_id = ?, callable $callback = ?): mixed
public Swoole\Server::taskwait(string $data, float $timeout = ?, int $worker_id = ?): void
public Swoole\Server::taskWaitMulti(array $tasks, float $timeout_ms = ?): void
public Swoole\Server::tick(int $interval_ms, callable $callback): void

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