(PHP 7 >= 7.3.0, PHP 8)

ldap_exop_refreshRefresh extended operation helper


ldap_exop_refresh(LDAP\Connection $ldap, string $dn, int $ttl): int|false

Performs a Refresh extended operation and returns the data.



An LDAP\Connection instance, returned by ldap_connect().


dn of the entry to refresh.


Time in seconds (between 1 and 31557600) that the client requests that the entry exists in the directory before being automatically removed.

Return Values

From RFC: The responseTtl field is the time in seconds which the server chooses to have as the time-to-live field for that entry. It must not be any smaller than that which the client requested, and it may be larger. However, to allow servers to maintain a relatively accurate directory, and to prevent clients from abusing the dynamic extensions, servers are permitted to shorten a client-requested time-to-live value, down to a minimum of 86400 seconds (one day). false will be returned on error.


Version Description
8.1.0 The ldap parameter expects an LDAP\Connection instance now; previously, a valid ldap link resource was expected.

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Roland Gruber
5 years ago
The following workaround can be used to run the refresh command in PHP 7.2.

$dn= 'cn=user,dc=test,dc=org';
$ttl = 3600;
$data = '';
$data .= '80' . sprintf("%'.02x", strlen($dn)) . bin2hex($dn);
$data .= '81' . sprintf("%'.02x", 4) . sprintf("%'.08x", $ttl);
$data = hex2bin('30' . sprintf("%'.02x", strlen($data)/2) . $data);
$success = ldap_exop($ldapHandle, LDAP_EXOP_REFRESH, $data);
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