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(PHP 4 >= 4.2.0, PHP 5, PHP 7, PHP 8)

pg_lo_seek Seeks position within a large object


pg_lo_seek(PgSql\Lob $lob, int $offset, int $whence = SEEK_CUR): bool

pg_lo_seek() seeks a position within an PgSql\Lob instance.

To use the large object interface, it is necessary to enclose it within a transaction block.



An PgSql\Lob instance, returned by pg_lo_open().


The number of bytes to seek.


One of the constants PGSQL_SEEK_SET (seek from object start), PGSQL_SEEK_CUR (seek from current position) or PGSQL_SEEK_END (seek from object end) .

Valores devueltos

Devuelve true en caso de éxito o false en caso de error.

Historial de cambios

Versión Descripción
8.1.0 The lob parameter expects an PgSql\Lob instance now; previously, a recurso was expected.


Ejemplo #1 pg_lo_seek() example

= 189762345;
$database = pg_connect("dbname=jacarta");
pg_query($database, "begin");
$handle = pg_lo_open($database, $doc_oid, "r");
// Skip first 50000 bytes
pg_lo_seek($handle, 50000, PGSQL_SEEK_SET);
// Read the next 10000 bytes
$data = pg_lo_read($handle, 10000);
pg_query($database, "commit");

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