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(PHP 5 >= 5.1.0, PHP 7, PHP 8)

pg_transaction_statusDevuelve el estado actual de la transaccion del servidor


pg_transaction_status(resource $connection): int

Devuelve el estado actual de la transacción del servidor.


pg_transaction_status() Dará resultados incorrectos al usar un servidor PostgreSQL 7.3 que tenga el parámetro autocommit establecido en off. La función de autocommit del lado del servidor esta obsoleta y no existe en las versiones posteriores del servidor.



Recurso de conexión a la base de datos PostgreSQL.

Valores devueltos

The status can be PGSQL_TRANSACTION_IDLE (currently idle), PGSQL_TRANSACTION_ACTIVE (a command is in progress), PGSQL_TRANSACTION_INTRANS (idle, in a valid transaction block), or PGSQL_TRANSACTION_INERROR (idle, in a failed transaction block). PGSQL_TRANSACTION_UNKNOWN is reported if the connection is bad. PGSQL_TRANSACTION_ACTIVE is reported only when a query has been sent to the server and not yet completed.


Ejemplo #1 Ejemplo de pg_transaction_status()

= pg_connect("dbname=publisher") or die("Could not connect");
$stat = pg_transaction_status($dbconn);
if (
'Connection is bad';
} else if (
'Connection is currently idle';
} else {
'Connection is in a transaction state';

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User Contributed Notes 2 notes

r dot grellmann at agentmulder dot de
2 years ago
After one of the asynchronous functions (pg_send_query(), pg_send_query_params()...) has been used, pg_transaction_status() will always report PGSQL_TRANSACTION_ACTIVE, no matter if a transaction was started or not.
Even after the first call (or all valid calls) to pg_get_result() the transaction status will stay PGSQL_TRANSACTION_ACTIVE, until either
- a synchronous function like pq_query() was used, or
- another call to pg_get_result() was made, which returns false.
Note: calling pg_free_result() does not change anything.

= pg_connect("dbname=publisher") or die("Could not connect");
$status = pg_transaction_status($conn); // PGSQL_TRANSACTION_IDLE
pg_send_query($conn, 'SELECT 1');
$status = pg_transaction_status($conn); // PGSQL_TRANSACTION_ACTIVE
$res = pg_get_result($conn);
$status = pg_transaction_status($conn); // PGSQL_TRANSACTION_ACTIVE
$res = pg_get_result($conn); // false
$status = pg_transaction_status($conn); // PGSQL_TRANSACTION_IDLE
btherl at yahoo dot com dot au
17 years ago
This function is implemented in C, so there's no way to mimic it in SQL for older versions of PHP. But you can mimic some of the functionality by using a wrapper which keeps track of when you begin and commit/rollback transactions.
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