PHP の歴史と関連するプロジェクト


PHP は、90年代半ばに登場してから大きな進歩を遂げました。 当初はひっそりと始まったものが、今やウェブの世界で最も強力な言語のひとつになったのです。 PHP の進化は、ギークにとってのおとぎ話のようなものでしょう。 ただ忘れてはならないのは、ここまでの成長は決してたやすいものではなかったということです。 これまでの PHP の道のりに興味がある人は、このページを読み進めてください。 過去のインターネットの歴史に触れてみたい人は、古いバージョンの PHP を » PHP Museum から取得できます。

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1 year ago
It seems like PHP7 is missing here totally, also some comment about why skip PHP6 version would be nice.
curious at user dot com
3 years ago
Can these notes be updated for PHP 6 / 7 ?

The history is great.
arkebion at gmail dot com
5 years ago
Some may say that history of a programming or scripting language is not important, but i think it is very crucial if you want to understand the architectural development and reasons behind it. So presentation can be important too, i think this is a more clear version of this document:
aowie1 at gmail dot com
5 years ago
PHP is actually a recursive initialism. Not a recursive acronym.

The difference is that an acronym is reserved for initials that are pronounced as a word and not by their individual letters. The latter refers to an initialism.
3 years ago
As the nationality of Zeev and Andi was mentioned, I was curious as to where Rasmus hailed from.

Wikipedia says he was born in Greenland and moved to Canada in 1980.
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