PHP 7.4.9 Released!



これは、PHP がサポートしているタイムゾーンの完全なリストです。例えば date_default_timezone_set() などで使用します。



注意: 最新バージョンのタイムゾーンデータベースは、PECL の » timezonedb からインストールできます。

注意: このリストの元になっているのは、タイムゾーンデータベース バージョン 2020.1.

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3 months ago
Just to clarify what some people may find confusing: These timezones are not commonly used by people in real life. They come from the tz/olson database which includes many, many more timezones than people typically use in normal life. You aren't going to find a timezone like PST or EST because those shorthands encompass several "actual" timezones which just happen to usually have the same UTC offset.

The timezones are also not necessarily tied to specific countries or cities. They are based on geographic areas that have had distinct time offsets from the rest of the world at any point in the past, and are typically named for the most recognizable/most populous city in the region.
Marc Moisan
1 year ago
- Some countries are not listed at all, e.g. British Virgin Islands (Road Town), Malawi (Lilongwe), Sint Maarten (Philipsburg)

For British Virgin Islands use America/Tortola.
For Malawi use Africa/Blantyre.
For Sint Maarten use America/Lower_Princes.
2 years ago
Some interesting peculiarities:

- Montreal (Quebec) is missing; use America/Toronto instead.

- Most countries are listed by their capital cities, but some are listed by their country name:
— Jamaica instead of Kingston
— Malta instead of Valletta
— Costa Rica instead of San José
— Puerto Rico instead of San Juan
— Qatar instead of Doha
...or their largest city:
— Guayaquil instead of Quito, Ecuador
— Casablanca instead of Rabat, Morocco
— Karachi instead of Islamabad, Pakistan
— Johannesburg instead of Pretoria / Bloemfontein / Cape Town, South Africa

- Some countries are not listed at all, e.g. British Virgin Islands (Road Town), Malawi (Lilongwe), Sint Maarten (Philipsburg)
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