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Draw Pen

(UI 0.9.9)


The Pen is passed to the Area Draw event handler, it is used for clipping, filling, stroking, and writing to Draw Paths.

Resumo da classe

final class UI\Draw\Pen {
/* Métodos */
public clip(UI\Draw\Path $path)
public fill(UI\Draw\Path $path, UI\Draw\Brush $with)
public fill(UI\Draw\Path $path, UI\Draw\Color $with)
public fill(UI\Draw\Path $path, int $with)
public restore()
public save()
public stroke(UI\Draw\Path $path, UI\Draw\Brush $with, UI\Draw\Stroke $stroke)
public stroke(UI\Draw\Path $path, UI\Draw\Color $with, UI\Draw\Stroke $stroke)
public stroke(UI\Draw\Path $path, int $with, UI\Draw\Stroke $stroke)
public transform(UI\Draw\Matrix $matrix)
public write(UI\Point $point, UI\Draw\Text\Layout $layout)


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