PHP 8.1.20 Released!


(PHP 4 >= 4.0.6, PHP 5, PHP 7, PHP 8)

mb_strposFind position of first occurrence of string in a string


    string $haystack,
    string $needle,
    int $offset = 0,
    ?string $encoding = null
): int|false

Finds position of the first occurrence of a string in a string.

Performs a multi-byte safe strpos() operation based on number of characters. The first character's position is 0, the second character position is 1, and so on.



The string being checked.


The string to find in haystack. In contrast with strpos(), numeric values are not applied as the ordinal value of a character.


The search offset. If it is not specified, 0 is used. A negative offset counts from the end of the string.


O parâmetro encoding é a codificação de caracteres. Se for omitido ou null, o valor da codificação de caracteres interna será usado.

Valor Retornado

Returns the numeric position of the first occurrence of needle in the haystack string. If needle is not found, it returns false.


Versão Descrição
8.0.0 O parâmetro needle agora aceita uma string vazia.
8.0.0 O parâmetro encoding agora pode ser nulo.
7.1.0 Support for negative offsets has been added.

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