The Map class

(PECL ds >= 1.0.0)


A Map is a sequential collection of key-value pairs, almost identical to an array used in a similar context. Keys can be any type, but must be unique. Values are replaced if added to the map using the same key.


  • Keys and values can be any type, including objects.
  • Supports array syntax (square brackets).
  • Insertion order is preserved.
  • Performance and memory efficiency is very similar to an array.
  • Automatically frees allocated memory when its size drops low enough.


  • Can’t be converted to an array when objects are used as keys.


class Ds\Map implements Ds\Collection, ArrayAccess {
/* 常量 */
const int MIN_CAPACITY = 16;
/* 方法 */
public allocate(int $capacity): void
public apply(callable $callback): void
public capacity(): int
public clear(): void
public copy(): Ds\Map
public diff(Ds\Map $map): Ds\Map
public filter(callable $callback = ?): Ds\Map
public first(): Ds\Pair
public get(mixed $key, mixed $default = ?): mixed
public hasKey(mixed $key): bool
public hasValue(mixed $value): bool
public intersect(Ds\Map $map): Ds\Map
public isEmpty(): bool
public keys(): Ds\Set
public ksort(callable $comparator = ?): void
public ksorted(callable $comparator = ?): Ds\Map
public last(): Ds\Pair
public map(callable $callback): Ds\Map
public merge(mixed $values): Ds\Map
public pairs(): Ds\Sequence
public put(mixed $key, mixed $value): void
public putAll(mixed $pairs): void
public reduce(callable $callback, mixed $initial = ?): mixed
public remove(mixed $key, mixed $default = ?): mixed
public reverse(): void
public reversed(): Ds\Map
public skip(int $position): Ds\Pair
public slice(int $index, int $length = ?): Ds\Map
public sort(callable $comparator = ?): void
public sorted(callable $comparator = ?): Ds\Map
public sum(): int|float
public toArray(): array
public union(Ds\Map $map): Ds\Map
public xor(Ds\Map $map): Ds\Map




版本 说明
PECL ds 1.3.0 The class now implements ArrayAccess.


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