PHP 7.4.0 alpha 3 Released


(PHP 4, PHP 5)

mysql_field_len 返回指定字段的长度


mysql_field_len ( resource $result , int $field_offset ) : int

mysql_field_len() 返回指定字段的长度。

为向下兼容仍然可以使用 mysql_fieldlen(),但反对这样做。

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rvwoens at gmail dot com
7 years ago
Note that for some reason the length of fields is 3 times the actual value if you are using UTF8 encoding.. So a varchar(10) field returns 30 here. This renders this function almost useless.
adam_nospam_hunger at yahoo dot com
15 years ago
For a mysql type DECIMAL(8,4), the length is returned as 10 (M+2 as per documentation).
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