PHP 8.1.24 Released!

The ReflectionEnumBackedCase class

(PHP 8 >= 8.1.0)


The ReflectionEnumBackedCase class reports information about an Enum backed case, which has a scalar equivalent.


class ReflectionEnumBackedCase extends ReflectionEnumUnitCase {
/* Geerbte Konstanten */
/* Geerbte Eigenschaften */
public string $name;
public string $class;
/* Methoden */
public __construct(object|string $class, string $constant)
public getBackingValue(): int|string
/* Geerbte Methoden */
public static ReflectionClassConstant::export(mixed $class, string $name, bool $return = ?): string
public ReflectionClassConstant::getAttributes(?string $name = null, int $flags = 0): array


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