(PECL fann >= 1.0.0)

fann_cascadetrain_on_dataTrains on an entire dataset, for a period of time using the Cascade2 training algorithm


    resource $ann,
    resource $data,
    int $max_neurons,
    int $neurons_between_reports,
    float $desired_error
): bool

The cascade output change fraction is a number between 0 and 1 determining how large a fraction the fann_get_MSE() value should change within fann_get_cascade_output_stagnation_epochs() during training of the output connections, in order for the training not to stagnate. If the training stagnates, the training of the output connections will be ended and new candidates will be prepared.

This training uses the parameters set using the fann_set_cascade_..., but it also uses another training algorithm as it’s internal training algorithm. This algorithm can be set to either FANN_TRAIN_RPROP or FANN_TRAIN_QUICKPROP by fann_set_training_algorithm(), and the parameters set for these training algorithms will also affect the cascade training.



Ressource eines neuralen Netzwerks.


Ressource für Trainingsdaten eines neuralen Netzwerks.


The maximum number of neurons to be added to neural network.


The number of neurons between printing a status report. A value of zero means no reports should be printed.


The desired fann_get_MSE() or fann_get_bit_fail(), depending on which stop function is chosen by fann_set_train_stop_function()


Gibt true bei Erfolg, sonst false zurück.

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