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(PHP 4 >= 4.0.5, PHP 5, PHP 7, PHP 8)

ldap_renameModificar el nombre de una entrada


    resource $link_identifier,
    string $dn,
    string $newrdn,
    string $newparent,
    bool $deleteoldrdn
): bool

La entrada que se especifica por dn se renombra/mueve.



Un identificador de enlace de LDAP, devuelto por ldap_connect().


El nombre distinguido de una entidad de LDAP.


El RDN nuevo.


La nueva entrada padre/superior.


Si es true se remueve el valor o valores antigüos del RDN, sino dichos valores del RDN se retienen como valores no distinguidos de la entrada.

Valores devueltos

Devuelve true en caso de éxito o false en caso de error.



Actualmente esta función sólo trabaja con LDAPv3. Podría tener que utilizar la función ldap_set_option() previo a unirse a utilizar LDAPv3. Esta función está disponible solamente cuando se está utilizando OpenLDAP 2.x.x ó Netscape Directory SDK x.x.

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Richard Esplin
17 years ago
ldap_rename can only move leaf nodes of the directory tree. If your ldap entry has any child entries, then ldap_rename is not the tool that you need. We needed to change usernames, but that alters the dn. ldap_rename wouldn't work because each of our user ldap entries has a couple associated child entries. We had to write a function to recursively copy the subtree to the new location, and then delete the original version. Here is the basic algorithm:

function recursive_move($old_username, $new_username)
    ldap_search on the old username to get the correct entry
    ldap_get_attributes to get an array of values from the ldap entry
    foreach attribute in array, replace occurences of $old_username with $new_username
    ldap_add the attribute array into the new location
    ldap_modify any additional attributes
    ldap_list each child entry
    call function recursive_move on each child
    ldap_delete current entry
Viper_SB at NOSPAMyahoo dot com
17 years ago
Since this function isn't documented to well I thought I'd help out those trying to get this to work.

// $dn is the full DN of the entry you wish to move
$dn = 'cn=user1,ou=group1,dc=mydomain';
    note that $newRdn IS NOT a full DN, it is only the start
    I've NOT gotten it to change attributes for the RDN
    but that could just be my schema
$newRdn = 'cn=user2';
// $newparent IS the full DN to the NEW parent DN that you want to move/rename to
$newParent = 'ou=group2,dc=mydomain';
ldap_rename($link, $dn, $newRdn, $newParent, true);

Like I said above I haven't been able to get it to rename to a DIFFERENT attribute so deleteoldrdn has no affect on it.
Peter Kehl
13 years ago
Here's some clarification about the parameters when renaming a container in Novell eDirectory:
- $new_rdn is in format "ou=new container name"
- newparent parameter is NULL - because we're renaming and not moving
- deleteoldrdn parameter if TRUE then old value of OU attribute is stored as a secondary/further value of LDAP OU attribute. Novell ConsoleOne shows it as 'Other Name' attribute.

$full_old_dn= "ou=Cuckoo,ou=London,ou=UK,ou=Europe,o=Happy";
$new_rdn= "ou=Cuckoo Group";
ldap_rename( $conn, $full_old_dn, $new_rdn, NULL, TRUE);
backports at gmail dot com
14 years ago
Though clearly mentioned, the following had me in spin for a good 10 minutes.


if (!ldap_set_option($conn, LDAP_OPT_PROTOCOL_VERSION, 3)) {
   // do something horrible

has been set _before_ you actually bind :)
hyc at openldap dot org
16 years ago
Contrary to Richard Esplin's statement, this *is* the correct function to use for renaming subtrees and moving entries from one place in the tree to another. Just that most LDAP server implementations don't support moving non-leaf entries.

E.g. In OpenLDAP, moving a non-leaf entry is only supported when using the back-hdb database backend. SunOne only has one database backend, and it apparently doesn't handle this type of operation.
venakis at ccf dot auth dot gr
17 years ago
If you are using Sun Directory Server 5.2, please note that you can't use ldap_rename to move an entry. According to Sun's own documentation: "[...] At this point in time, Directory Server does not support the ability to use the modify DN operation to move an entry from one location in the directory tree to another location." (
The problem is that php does not return any error and the operation seems to complete succesfully, except for the fact that nothing really happens. If you check the server logs, there will be an "error 53" entry (server is unwilling to perform).
hope this saves someone's couple of hours nasty searching...
alex at netflex dot nl
19 years ago
Works also with eDirectory 8 (NW6).

If you are moving a user, remember that you also change the uid!
19 years ago
To get this function working make sure that the value for $newrdn is relative.
web at davss dot com
7 years ago
A thing to remember when using ldap_rename or any other method that is not doing just renaming but creating a new parent and moving children is that you'll loose your original entryUUID!
We wanted to do a local DB mapping for LDAP->DB user groups thinking that it would be the most stable resource identifier only to find out we were absolutely wrong.
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