The MongoDB\BSON\Int64 class

(mongodb >=1.5.0)


BSON type for a 64-bit integer. When decoding BSON to PHP data, this class is used when a 64-bit integer cannot be represented as a PHP integer on 32-bit platforms. These objects support overloaded arithmetic, bitwise, and comparison operators.

When working with raw BSON data through the MongoDB\BSON\Document, MongoDB\BSON\PackedArray, and MongoDB\BSON\Iterator classes, any 64-bit integer will be returned as an instance of this class, regardless of platform and whether the value can be represented as a PHP integer. This ensures that values can be roundtripped without changing the type.

During BSON encoding, objects of this class will convert back to a 64-bit integer type, even when the value would fit in a 32-bit integer. This allows explicitly storing values as 64-bit integers in BSON.

Sınıf Sözdizimi

final class MongoDB\BSON\Int64 implements MongoDB\BSON\Type, Serializable, JsonSerializable, Stringable {
/* Yöntemler */
final public __construct(int|string $value)
final public jsonSerialize(): mixed
final public serialize(): string
final public __toString(): string
final public unserialize(string $data): void

Sürüm Bilgisi

Sürüm: Açıklama
PECL mongodb 1.16.0 The class can now be instantiated on all platforms. Added support for overloaded arithmetic, bitwise, and comparison operators.
PECL mongodb 1.12.0 Implements Stringable for PHP 8.0+.


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