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(PHP 5, PHP 7 < 7.4.0)

ibase_blob_echoOutput blob contents to browser


ibase_blob_echo(string $blob_id): bool
ibase_blob_echo(resource $link_identifier, string $blob_id): bool

This function opens a BLOB for reading and sends its contents directly to standard output (the browser, in most cases).

Bağımsız Değişkenler


An InterBase link identifier. If omitted, the last opened link is assumed.


Dönen Değerler

Başarı durumunda true, başarısızlık durumunda false döner.

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jure dot sah at monoliths dot com
8 years ago
There is an alternative for getting text out of a blob that does not require as much code. Quoted from a handy online resource:

PHP offers natively the possibility of getting the BLOB data as a string.

For example ibase_fetch_assoc ( resource $result [, int $fetch_flag = 0 ] ) provides the $fetch_flag parameter which can be set to IBASE_TEXT, causing the function to return BLOB contents instead of BLOB ids.
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