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(PECL memcached >= 2.0.0)

Memcached::deleteMultiDelete multiple items


public Memcached::deleteMulti(array $keys, int $time = 0): array

Delete the array of keys from the server.



The keys to be deleted.


The amount of time the server will wait to delete the items.

Note: As of memcached 1.3.0 (released 2009) this feature is no longer supported. Passing a non-zero time will cause the deletion to fail. Memcached::getResultCode() will return MEMCACHED_INVALID_ARGUMENTS.

Return Values

Returns an array indexed by keys. Each element is true if the corresponding key was deleted, or one of the Memcached::RES_* constants if the corresponding deletion failed.

The Memcached::getResultCode() will return the result code for the last executed delete operation, that is, the delete operation for the last element of keys.

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