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IntlChar::charNameRetrieve the name of a Unicode character


public static IntlChar::charName(int|string $codepoint, int $type = IntlChar::UNICODE_CHAR_NAME): ?string

Retrieves the name of a Unicode character.

Depending on type, the resulting character name is the "modern" name or the name that was defined in Unicode version 1.0. The name contains only "invariant" characters like A-Z, 0-9, space, and '-'. Unicode 1.0 names are only retrieved if they are different from the modern names and if ICU contains the data for them.



The int codepoint value (e.g. 0x2603 for U+2603 SNOWMAN), or the character encoded as a UTF-8 string (e.g. "\u{2603}")


Which set of names to use for the lookup. Can be any of these constants:

Return Values

The corresponding name, or an empty string if there is no name for this character, or null if there is no such code point.


Example #1 Testing different code points

var_dump(IntlChar::charName(".", IntlChar::UNICODE_CHAR_NAME));

The above example will output:

string(9) "FULL STOP"
string(9) "FULL STOP"
string(7) "SNOWMAN"
string(0) ""

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