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Yaf_Config_Simple クラス

(Yaf >=1.0.0)



class Yaf_Config_Simple extends Yaf_Config_Abstract implements Iterator, ArrayAccess, Countable {
/* プロパティ */
protected $_readonly;
/* メソッド */
public __construct(array $configs, bool $readonly = false)
public count(): void
public current(): void
public __get(string $name = ?): void
public __isset(string $name): void
public key(): void
public next(): void
public offsetExists(string $name): void
public offsetGet(string $name): void
public offsetSet(string $name, string $value): void
public offsetUnset(string $name): void
public readonly(): void
public rewind(): void
public __set(string $name, string $value): void
public toArray(): array
public valid(): void
/* 継承したメソッド */
abstract public Yaf_Config_Abstract::get(string $name, mixed $value): mixed
abstract public Yaf_Config_Abstract::readonly(): bool
abstract public Yaf_Config_Abstract::toArray(): array





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msn_and_i at hotmail dot com
8 years ago
The Yaf_Config_Simple construct method parameters may be wrong documenting, actually first parameter shoud be array and second is string indicating if readonly.
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