(PHP 4 >= 4.0.1, PHP 5, PHP 7, PHP 8)

imagepalettecopyCopia a paleta de uma imagem para a outra


imagepalettecopy(resource $destination, resource $source): void

imagepalettecopy() copia a paleta da imagem de source para a imagem destination.



O resource da imagem de destino


O resource do fonte da imagem

Valor Retornado

Nenhum valor é retornado.

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buzz at nospam dot oska dot com
17 years ago
actually it doesn't "copy" the palette exactly. It copys the colors from the source palette to the destination image. the palette you end up with in the destination image will be "same colors different order". If you want an EXACT palette copy (at the expense of messing up your image if you aren't careful), then use this code:
// this is a drop-in replacement for imagepalettecopy, except that it make NO attempt to modifiy any of the
// colors in the dest image, just the palette. The result? if you're palette's aren't very similar, the image will look completely different, and likely terrible!
function imagepalettecopy_exact ( $dst_img, $src_img) {
for( $c = 0 ; $c < imagecolorstotal($src_img); $c++) {
$col = imagecolorsforindex($src_img,$c); //get color at index 'c' in the color table
imagecolorset($dst_img,$c,$col[red],$col[green],$col[blue]); //set color at index 'c' to $col in the $dst_image

Los Olvidados
20 years ago
To be precise, this function replaces the palette in the destination.
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