(PHP 7 >= 7.2.0, PHP 8)

sodium_crypto_kx_keypairCreates a new sodium keypair


sodium_crypto_kx_keypair(): string

Create a new sodium keypair consisting of the secret key (32 bytes) followed by the public key (32 bytes). The keys can be retrieved by calling sodium_crypto_kx_secretkey() and sodium_crypto_kx_publickey(), respectively.


Diese Funktion besitzt keine Parameter.


Returns the new keypair on success; throws an exception otherwise.


Beispiel #1 sodium_crypto_kx_keypair() usage

Create a new keypair and retrieve the secret and the public key from it.

= sodium_crypto_kx_keypair();
$secret = sodium_crypto_kx_secretkey($keypair);
$public = sodium_crypto_kx_publickey($keypair);
printf("secret: %s\npublic: %s", sodium_bin2hex($secret), sodium_bin2hex($public));

Das oben gezeigte Beispiel erzeugt eine ähnliche Ausgabe wie:

secret: e7c5c918fdc40762e6000542c0118f4368ce8fd242b0e48c1e17202797a25daf
public: d1f59fda8652caf40ed1a01d2b6f3802b60846986372cd8fa337b7c12c428b18
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