(PHP 4 >= 4.0.1, PHP 5, PHP 7)

php_sapi_nameReturns the type of interface between web server and PHP


php_sapi_name ( void ) : string

Returns a lowercase string that describes the type of interface (the Server API, SAPI) that PHP is using. For example, in CLI PHP this string will be "cli" whereas with Apache it may have several different values depending on the exact SAPI used. Possible values are listed below.

Return Values

Returns the interface type, as a lowercase string.

Although not exhaustive, the possible return values include aolserver, apache, apache2filter, apache2handler, caudium, cgi (until PHP 5.3), cgi-fcgi, cli, cli-server, continuity, embed, fpm-fcgi, isapi, litespeed, milter, nsapi, phpdbg, phttpd, pi3web, roxen, thttpd, tux, and webjames.


Example #1 php_sapi_name() example

This example checks for the substring cgi because it may also be cgi-fcgi.

if (
substr($sapi_type03) == 'cgi') {
"You are using CGI PHP\n";
} else {
"You are not using CGI PHP\n";


Note: An alternative approach

The PHP constant PHP_SAPI has the same value as php_sapi_name().


A potential gotcha

The defined SAPI may not be obvious, because for example instead of apache it may be defined as apache2handler or apache2filter.

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