The LimitIterator class

(PHP 5 >= 5.1.0, PHP 7, PHP 8)


The LimitIterator class allows iteration over a limited subset of items in an Iterator.

Class synopsis

class LimitIterator extends IteratorIterator {
/* Methods */
public __construct(Iterator $iterator, int $offset = 0, int $limit = -1)
public current(): mixed
public getPosition(): int
public key(): mixed
public next(): void
public rewind(): void
public seek(int $offset): int
public valid(): bool
/* Inherited methods */


Example #1 LimitIterator usage example


// Create an iterator to be limited
$fruits = new ArrayIterator(array(

// Loop over first three fruits only
foreach (new LimitIterator($fruits, 0, 3) as $fruit) {


// Loop from third fruit until the end
// Note: offset starts from zero for apple
foreach (new LimitIterator($fruits, 2) as $fruit) {


The above example will output:

string(5) "apple"
string(6) "banana"
string(6) "cherry"

string(6) "cherry"
string(6) "damson"
string(10) "elderberry"

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christophg at grenz-bonn dot de
3 years ago
If the inner iterator implements SeekableIterator, LimitIterator uses seek() after rewind() to move to the offset.
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