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The SolrQuery class

(PECL solr >= 0.9.2)


Represents a collection of name-value pairs sent to the Solr server during a request.

Class synopsis

class SolrQuery extends SolrModifiableParams implements Serializable {
/* Constants */
const int ORDER_ASC = 0;
const int ORDER_DESC = 1;
/* Properties */
/* Methods */
public __construct(string $q = ?)
public addExpandSortField(string $field, string $order = ?): SolrQuery
public addFacetDateField(string $dateField): SolrQuery
public addFacetDateOther(string $value, string $field_override = ?): SolrQuery
public addFacetQuery(string $facetQuery): SolrQuery
public addField(string $field): SolrQuery
public addGroupSortField(string $field, int $order = ?): SolrQuery
public addMltField(string $field): SolrQuery
public addMltQueryField(string $field, float $boost): SolrQuery
public addSortField(string $field, int $order = SolrQuery::ORDER_DESC): SolrQuery
public collapse(SolrCollapseFunction $collapseFunction): SolrQuery
public getExpand(): bool
public getExpandRows(): int
public getFacet(): bool
public getFacetDateEnd(string $field_override = ?): string
public getFacetDateGap(string $field_override = ?): string
public getFacetDateHardEnd(string $field_override = ?): string
public getFacetDateOther(string $field_override = ?): array
public getFacetDateStart(string $field_override = ?): string
public getFacetLimit(string $field_override = ?): int
public getFacetMethod(string $field_override = ?): string
public getFacetMinCount(string $field_override = ?): int
public getFacetMissing(string $field_override = ?): bool
public getFacetOffset(string $field_override = ?): int
public getFacetPrefix(string $field_override = ?): string
public getFacetSort(string $field_override = ?): int
public getFields(): array
public getGroup(): bool
public getGroupLimit(): int
public getGroupMain(): bool
public getHighlight(): bool
public getHighlightAlternateField(string $field_override = ?): string
public getHighlightFormatter(string $field_override = ?): string
public getHighlightFragmenter(string $field_override = ?): string
public getHighlightFragsize(string $field_override = ?): int
public getHighlightMaxAlternateFieldLength(string $field_override = ?): int
public getHighlightMergeContiguous(string $field_override = ?): bool
public getHighlightSimplePost(string $field_override = ?): string
public getHighlightSimplePre(string $field_override = ?): string
public getHighlightSnippets(string $field_override = ?): int
public getMlt(): bool
public getMltBoost(): bool
public getMltCount(): int
public getQuery(): string
public getRows(): int
public getStart(): int
public getStats(): bool
public getTerms(): bool
public getTermsLimit(): int
public getTermsSort(): int
public removeFacetDateOther(string $value, string $field_override = ?): SolrQuery
public removeField(string $field): SolrQuery
public removeMltQueryField(string $queryField): SolrQuery
public setExpand(bool $value): SolrQuery
public setExpandRows(int $value): SolrQuery
public setFacet(bool $flag): SolrQuery
public setFacetDateEnd(string $value, string $field_override = ?): SolrQuery
public setFacetDateGap(string $value, string $field_override = ?): SolrQuery
public setFacetDateHardEnd(bool $value, string $field_override = ?): SolrQuery
public setFacetDateStart(string $value, string $field_override = ?): SolrQuery
public setFacetEnumCacheMinDefaultFrequency(int $frequency, string $field_override = ?): SolrQuery
public setFacetLimit(int $limit, string $field_override = ?): SolrQuery
public setFacetMethod(string $method, string $field_override = ?): SolrQuery
public setFacetMinCount(int $mincount, string $field_override = ?): SolrQuery
public setFacetMissing(bool $flag, string $field_override = ?): SolrQuery
public setFacetOffset(int $offset, string $field_override = ?): SolrQuery
public setFacetPrefix(string $prefix, string $field_override = ?): SolrQuery
public setFacetSort(int $facetSort, string $field_override = ?): SolrQuery
public setGroup(bool $value): SolrQuery
public setGroupFacet(bool $value): SolrQuery
public setGroupLimit(int $value): SolrQuery
public setGroupMain(string $value): SolrQuery
public setGroupOffset(int $value): SolrQuery
public setHighlight(bool $flag): SolrQuery
public setHighlightAlternateField(string $field, string $field_override = ?): SolrQuery
public setHighlightFormatter(string $formatter, string $field_override = ?): SolrQuery
public setHighlightFragmenter(string $fragmenter, string $field_override = ?): SolrQuery
public setHighlightFragsize(int $size, string $field_override = ?): SolrQuery
public setHighlightMaxAlternateFieldLength(int $fieldLength, string $field_override = ?): SolrQuery
public setHighlightMergeContiguous(bool $flag, string $field_override = ?): SolrQuery
public setHighlightSimplePost(string $simplePost, string $field_override = ?): SolrQuery
public setHighlightSimplePre(string $simplePre, string $field_override = ?): SolrQuery
public setHighlightSnippets(int $value, string $field_override = ?): SolrQuery
public setMlt(bool $flag): SolrQuery
public setMltBoost(bool $flag): SolrQuery
public setMltCount(int $count): SolrQuery
public setMltMaxWordLength(int $maxWordLength): SolrQuery
public setMltMinDocFrequency(int $minDocFrequency): SolrQuery
public setMltMinTermFrequency(int $minTermFrequency): SolrQuery
public setMltMinWordLength(int $minWordLength): SolrQuery
public setQuery(string $query): SolrQuery
public setRows(int $rows): SolrQuery
public setStart(int $start): SolrQuery
public setStats(bool $flag): SolrQuery
public setTerms(bool $flag): SolrQuery
public setTermsField(string $fieldname): SolrQuery
public setTermsLimit(int $limit): SolrQuery
public setTermsLowerBound(string $lowerBound): SolrQuery
public setTermsMaxCount(int $frequency): SolrQuery
public setTermsMinCount(int $frequency): SolrQuery
public setTermsSort(int $sortType): SolrQuery
public setTermsUpperBound(string $upperBound): SolrQuery
public setTimeAllowed(int $timeAllowed): SolrQuery
public __destruct()
/* Inherited methods */

Predefined Constants


Used to specify that the sorting should be in acending order


Used to specify that the sorting should be in descending order


Used to specify that the facet should sort by index


Used to specify that the facet should sort by count


Used in the TermsComponent


Used in the TermsComponent

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User Contributed Notes 1 note

andy at borkedcoder dot com
12 years ago
Note - if using morelikethis, and your query is on a numeric ID, then you will not be able to access the moreLikeThis object in the results...

when q=id:3493 searching with mlt, result is:

SolrObject Object
[moreLikeThis] => SolrObject Object
[3493] => SolrObject Object
[numFound] => 6286
[start] => 0
[docs] => Array

the numeric object name (3493 above) is impossible to access

not by $response->moreLikeThis->{3493} nor $response->moreLikeThis->{'3493'}, nothing...

only way is to convert the moreLikeThis object into an array with:
$response_array = (array) $response->moreLikeThis;

then iterate the array as the array key is known.
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