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(PHP 5 >= 5.6.0, PHP 7, PHP 8)

pg_connect_poll 進行中の非同期接続のステータスをポーリングする


pg_connect_poll(PgSql\Connection $connection): int

pg_connect_poll() は、 PGSQL_CONNECT_ASYNC オプションを使用して コールされた pg_connect() で作成された PostgreSQL 接続のステータスをポーリングします。



PgSql\Connection クラスのインスタンス。


バージョン 説明
8.1.0 connection は、PgSql\Connection クラスのインスタンスを期待するようになりました。 これより前のバージョンでは、リソース を期待していました。
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5 years ago
So the documentation on this function is pretty barebones (as is the case for a lot of thin PHP wrappers around C functions), but from what I've gathered by reading the libpq doc and trying various things, you should probably know the following :

* Polling the connection while the underlying socket is busy will cause the connection (or at least the polling, I'm not sure) to fail.
* As stated by the libpq documentation, "do not assume that the socket remains the same across PQconnectPoll calls"
* The socket will become ready after every change in connection status, so the connection must be polled multiple times until the function returns "polling_ok" or "polling_failed".
* "polling_active" can never be returned by libpq and has literally never been used anywhere ever, it has been an unused constant since day 1.

What you need to do is use pg_socket get a PHP stream object corresponding to the current socket and wait after it before polling, like so:

function pg_wait_connection_ready($conn) {
assert(get_resource_type($conn) === "pgsql link" || get_resource_type($conn) === "pgsql link persistent");

// "On the first iteration, i.e. if you have yet to call PQconnectPoll, behave as if it last returned PGRES_POLLING_WRITING."
$poll_outcome = PGSQL_POLLING_WRITING;

while (
true) {
$socket = [pg_socket($conn)]; // "Caution: do not assume that the socket remains the same across PQconnectPoll calls."
$null = [];

if (
$poll_outcome === PGSQL_POLLING_READING) {
stream_select($socket, $null, $null, 5);
$poll_outcome = pg_connect_poll($conn);
} else if (
$poll_outcome === PGSQL_POLLING_WRITING) {
stream_select($null, $socket, $null, 5);
$poll_outcome = pg_connect_poll($conn);
} else {

$db = pg_connect($conn_string, PGSQL_CONNECT_ASYNC);
// Do things while the connection is getting ready
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