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hebrevcConvert logical Hebrew text to visual text with newline conversion


Esta função tornou-se DEFASADA a partir do PHP 7.4.0 e foi REMOVIDA a partir do PHP 8.0.0. O uso desta função é fortemente desencorajado.


hebrevc(string $hebrew_text, int $max_chars_per_line = 0): string

This function is similar to hebrev() with the difference that it converts newlines (\n) to "<br>\n".

The function tries to avoid breaking words.



A Hebrew input string.


This optional parameter indicates maximum number of characters per line that will be returned.

Valor Retornado

Returns the visual string.

Veja Também

  • hebrev() - Convert logical Hebrew text to visual text

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yfurman at yahoo dot com
22 years ago
Beware of English use!
I was working on a little project, and used hebrevc to reverse Hebrew in a loop. The hebrevc function got a variable as an argument. Sometimes the variable was pure English and sometimes it was hebrew.
Suddenly I found out that the English too was cut with BR tags, which made it look funny - the last line was the first.

If you're going to use that function in mixed text, don't forget to check the language before using the function.

14 years ago
If you want to use hebrevc with english,
just use strrev.
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