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(PECL imagick 2, PECL imagick 3)

Imagick::randomThresholdImageCreates a high-contrast, two-color image


public Imagick::randomThresholdImage(float $low, float $high, int $channel = Imagick::CHANNEL_DEFAULT): bool

Changes the value of individual pixels based on the intensity of each pixel compared to threshold. The result is a high-contrast, two color image. Этот метод доступен, если Imagick был скомпилирован с версией ImageMagick 6.2.9 или старше.

Список параметров


The low point


The high point


Provide any channel constant that is valid for your channel mode. To apply to more than one channel, combine channeltype constants using bitwise operators. Refer to this list of channel constants.

Возвращаемые значения

В случае успешной работы возвращает true.


Пример #1 Imagick::randomThresholdImage()

function randomThresholdimage($imagePath$lowThreshold$highThreshold$channel) {
$imagick = new \Imagick(realpath($imagePath));

$lowThreshold * \Imagick::getQuantum(),
$highThreshold * \Imagick::getQuantum(),
header("Content-Type: image/jpg");


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