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(PHP 4 >= 4.2.0, PHP 5, PHP 7, PHP 8)

pg_field_numReturns the field number of the named field


pg_field_num(PgSql\Result $result, string $field): int

pg_field_num() will return the number of the field number that corresponds to the field in the given result instance.


This function used to be called pg_fieldnum().



pg_query(), pg_query_params() veya pg_execute() işlevinden dönen PgSql\Result nesnesi.


The name of the field. The given name is treated like an identifier in an SQL command, that is, it is downcased unless double-quoted.

Dönen Değerler

The field number (numbered from 0), or -1 on error.

Sürüm Bilgisi

Sürüm: Açıklama
8.1.0 sonuç değiştirgesi artık PgSql\Result nesnesi kabul ediyor, evvelce bir özkaynak kabul ederdi.


Örnek 1 Getting information about fields

pg_connect("dbname=publisher") or die("Could not connect");

$res pg_query($dbconn"select author, year, title from authors where author = 'Orwell'");
"Column 'title' is field number: "pg_field_num($res'title');

Yukarıdaki örneğin çıktısı:

Column 'title' is field number: 2

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