(PECL imagick 2, PECL imagick 3)

Imagick::coalesceImagesComposites a set of images


public Imagick::coalesceImages(): Imagick

Composites a set of images while respecting any page offsets and disposal methods. GIF, MIFF, and MNG animation sequences typically start with an image background and each subsequent image varies in size and offset. Returns a new Imagick object where each image in the sequence is the same size as the first and composited with the next image in the sequence.


Esta função não possui parâmetros.

Valor Retornado

Returns a new Imagick object on success.


Lança uma exceção ImagickException em caso de erro.

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11 years ago
resize and/or crop an animated GIF

= new Imagick($file_src);

$image = $image->coalesceImages();

foreach (
$image as $frame) {
$frame->cropImage($crop_w, $crop_h, $crop_x, $crop_y);
$frame->thumbnailImage($size_w, $size_h);
$frame->setImagePage($size_w, $size_h, 0, 0);

$image = $image->deconstructImages();
$image->writeImages($file_dst, true);
8 years ago
If you wish to open an animated gif, don't ping the image with $imagick->pingImage(), you will get the same amount of frames you have in the gif, added to the start - but they're all black with stripes. So you have then double the amounts of frames the gif actually has.
vikomic at gmail dot com
13 years ago
Here goes an exaple how to resize GIF-s.

= new Imagick("original.gif");

$format = $imagick->getImageFormat();
if (
$format == 'GIF') {
$imagick = $imagick->coalesceImages();
do {
$imagick->resizeImage(120, 120, Imagick::FILTER_BOX, 1);
} while (
$imagick = $imagick->deconstructImages();
$imagick->writeImages('new_120x120.gif', true);

// can be added some more gifs
$imagick = $imagick->coalesceImages();
do {
$imagick->resizeImage(100, 100, Imagick::FILTER_BOX, 1);
} while (
$imagick = $imagick->deconstructImages();
$imagick->writeImages('new_100x100.gif', true);


You can use any resize method (resizeImage) with this example.

This example works fine with *imagick module version 2.2.1-dev*, but doesn't work correctly with *imagick module version 3.0.1*.
11 years ago
I tried examples below, and couldn't make them work. And found that version of my php-imagick extension is 3.1.0RC1, and looks like it's buggy in function "writeImages", downgrade to 3.0.1 helped me.
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