(PHP 4 >= 4.1.0, PHP 5, PHP 7, PHP 8)

com_load_typelibVerilen tür kütüphanesini yükler


com_load_typelib(string $tür_kütüphanesi, bool $harf_büyüklüğüne_duyarsız = true): bool

Tür kütüphanesini yükler ve define() işlevi kullanılarak tanımlanan sabitlerini kaydeder.

Ön yükleme ve kaydetme için bu kadar esnek olmasa da com.typelib-file php.ini yönergesini kullanmak çok daha etkilidir.

com.autoregister-typelib php.ini yönergesi etkin duruma getirilirse, PHP otomatik olarak bir COM nesnesi başlattığınızda onunla ilişkili sabitleri kaydetmeye çalışır. Bu işlev COM nesnesinin kendisi tarafından sağlanan arayüze bağlıdır ve her zaman geçerli değildir.

Bağımsız Değişkenler


tür_kütüphanesi aşağıdakilerden biri olabilir:

  • .tlb dosyasının veya tür kütüphanesini içeren çalıştırılabilir modülün adı.

  • Tür kütüphanesi GUID, sürüm numarası, örneğin; {00000200-0000-0010-8000-00AA006D2EA4},2,0.

  • Tür kütüphanesi adı, örneğin; Microsoft OLE DB ActiveX Data Objects 1.0 Library.

PHP tür kütüphanesini çözümlemeye çalışacaktır, süreç sıralamada aşağı doğru gidildikçe daha fazla kaynak gerektirecektir; tür kütüphanesini adı ile aramak, uygun bir eşleşme bulana kadar kayıt defterini fiziksel olarak tarayacaktır.


define() işlevindeki aynı isimli bağımsız değişken gibi çalışır.

Dönen Değerler

Başarı durumunda true, başarısızlık durumunda false döner.

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User Contributed Notes 5 notes

tomas dot burba at softneta dot lt
12 years ago
I had some problems with a third-party Word-controlling code that is somewhat similar to Richard's example. (Word 2007 SP1, XP SP2.) Rewrote some parts according to that example, no luck. Error messages from Word were crazy:

"Bad parameter" -- it didn't like wdGoToBookmark but was ok with its numeric equivalent -1;

"Call to undefined method variant::SaveAs()" -- the same with Save() that was suitable in my case, so no options were remaining.

But then I ran the example via php.exe in the command line, and it worked! Eventually it turned out that Apache service must be run as some real user instead of SYSTEM.
RQuadling at GMail dot com
15 years ago
Some libraries load other libraries as part of their functionality. For example Crystal Reports Object Factory uses the CreateObject() method to create an instance of a Crystal Design RunTime Application. If you want to use constants defined in the newly loaded library, you will need to manually register the library - even with com.autoregister_typelib set to true.

echo 'com.autoregister_typelib = ', ini_get('com.autoregister_typelib'), PHP_EOL;

$o_CrObjectFactory = New COM('CrystalReports11.ObjectFactory.1');

$o_CrApplication = $o_CrObjectFactory->CreateObject("CrystalDesignRunTime.Application");

'Will not be defined : ', crOpenReportByDefault, PHP_EOL;


'Will now be defined : ', crOpenReportByDefault, PHP_EOL;

outputs ...

com.autoregister_typelib = 1
Will not be defined :
Notice: Use of undefined constant crOpenReportByDefault - assumed 'crOpenReportByDefault' in C:\refl.php on line 8
Will now be defined : 0
20 years ago
In case any of you were wondering what com_load_typelib actually DOES, I have found that it loads constants\enums that the COM obeject has defined. The example below is using the Nero COM object (from Nero Burning rom, version 6+). The Nero object defines a bunch of constants, but they can not be used as PHP constants unless you use the mentioned function. So the example below will work just fine:

= new COM("Nero.Nero") or die ("Nero didn't load, too bad");

But this one will not, since PHP will return a message saying that the constant is undefined:

= new COM("Nero.Nero") or die ("Nero didn't load, too bad");

This one took me a while to figure out, hope it helps.

Also, check out to find out how to get COM events working in PHP.
ojpp at webdevfm dot com
20 years ago
Hello PHP community, I want to help in a problem I found in this COM built-in function: com_load_typelib(), when I executed it in order to open a COM Server process (for example: Word, Excel, etc.) I was in trouble to release the object from memory, I figured it out, this is the solution:

Change a configuration in the php.ini:

; autoregister constants of a components typlib on com_load()
com.autoregister_typelib = true

When com.autoregister_typelib directive is true, PHP parser manage the COM server type library, I hope it helps.
richard dot quadling at carval dot co dot uk
21 years ago
// Some servers may have an auto timeout, so take as long as you want.

// Show all errors, warnings and notices whilst developing.

// Used as a placeholder in certain COM functions where no parameter is required.
$empty = new VARIANT();

// Load the appropriate type library.

// Create an object to use.
$word = new COM('word.application') or die('Unable to load Word');
"Loaded Word, version {$word->Version}\n";

// Open a new document with bookmarks of YourName and YourAge.

// Fill in the information from the form.
$word->Selection->GoTo(wdGoToBookmark,$empty,$empty,'YourName'); // Note use of wdGoToBookmark, from the typelibrary and the use of $empty.


// Save it, close word and finish.
$word = null;
"Word closed.\n";

The example document is ...

Hello [Bookmark of YourName], you are [Bookmark of YourAge] years old.

and it would be called ...



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