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Deprecated Features

PHP Core

Implementing Serializable without __serialize() and __unserialize()

Either only the new methods should be implemented, if no support for PHP prior to version 7.4 is provided, or both should be implemented.

Passing null to non-nullable parameters of built-in functions

Scalar types for built-in functions are nullable by default. This behaviour is deprecated to align with the behaviour of user-defined functions, where scalar types need to be marked as nullable explicitly.

(str_contains("foobar", null));
// Deprecated: Passing null to parameter #2 ($needle) of type string
// is deprecated

Implicit incompatible float to int conversions

The implicit conversion of float to int which leads to a loss in precision is now deprecated. This affects array keys, int type declarations in coercive mode, and operators working on ints.

= [];
$a[15.5]; // deprecated, as key value loses the 0.5 component
$a[15.0]; // ok, as 15.0 == 15

Calling a static element on a trait

Calling a static method, or accessing a static property directly on a trait is deprecated. Static methods and properties should only be accessed on a class using the trait.

Returning a non-array from __sleep()

Returning a value which is not an array from __sleep() now generates a diagnostic.

Returning by reference from a void function

function &test(): void {}
Such a function is contradictory, and already emits the following E_NOTICE when called: Only variable references should be returned by reference.

Autovivification from false

Autovivification is the process of creating a new array when appending to a value. Autovivification is prohibited from scalar values, false however was an exception. This is now deprecated.

= false;
$arr[] = 2; // deprecated


Autovivification from null and undefined values is still allowed:

// From undefined
$arr[] = 'some value';
$arr['doesNotExist'][] = 2;
// From null
$arr = null;
$arr[] = 2;


Verifying non-string arguments

Passing a non-string argument is deprecated. In the future, the argument will be interpreted as a string instead of an ASCII codepoint. Depending on the intended behavior, the argument should either be cast to string or an explicit call to chr() should be made. All ctype_*() functions are affected.


date_sunrise() and date_sunset() have been deprecated in favor of date_sun_info().

strptime() has been deprecated. Use date_parse_from_format() instead (for locale-independent parsing), or IntlDateFormatter::parse() (for locale-dependent parsing).

strftime() and gmstrftime() have been deprecated. Use date() instead (for locale-independent formatting), or IntlDateFormatter::format() (for locale-dependent formatting).



The filter.default INI directive is deprecated.


The num_points of imagepolygon(), imageopenpolygon() and imagefilledpolygon() has been deprecated.


The mhash(), mhash_keygen_s2k(), mhash_count(), mhash_get_block_size(), and mhash_get_hash_name() have been deprecated. Use the hash_*() functions instead.


The NIL constant has been deprecated. Use 0 instead.


Calling IntlCalendar::roll() with a bool argument is deprecated. Use 1 and -1 instead of true and false respectively.

Multibyte String

Calling mb_check_encoding() without any arguments is deprecated.


The mysqli_driver::$driver_version property has been deprecated. It was meaningless and outdated, use PHP_VERSION_ID instead.

Calling mysqli::get_client_info() or mysqli_get_client_info() with the mysqli argument has been deprecated. Call mysqli_get_client_info() without any arguments to obtain the version information of the client library.

The mysqli::init() method has been deprecated. Replace calls to parent::init() with parent::__construct().


The oci8.old_oci_close_semantics INI directive is deprecated.


odbc_result_all() has been deprecated.


The PDO::FETCH_SERIALIZE fetch mode has been deprecated.


Not passing the connection argument to all pgsql_*() functions has been deprecated.


The ssl_method option of SoapClient::__construct() has been deprecated in favor of SSL stream context options.


Calling key(), current(), next(), prev(), reset(), or end() on objects is deprecated. Either convert the object to an array using get_mangled_object_vars() first, or use the methods provided by a class that implements Iterator, such as ArrayIterator, instead.

The auto_detect_line_endings INI directive is deprecated. If necessary, handle "\r" line breaks manually instead.

The FILE_BINARY and FILE_TEXT constants have been deprecated. They never had any effect.

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