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DOMEntityReference sınıfı

(PHP 5, PHP 7, PHP 8)

Sınıf Sözdizimi

class DOMEntityReference extends DOMNode {
/* Miras alınan özellikler */
public readonly string $nodeName;
public string $nodeValue;
public readonly int $nodeType;
public readonly ?DOMNode $parentNode;
public readonly DOMNodeList $childNodes;
public readonly ?DOMNode $firstChild;
public readonly ?DOMNode $lastChild;
public readonly ?DOMNode $previousSibling;
public readonly ?DOMNode $nextSibling;
public readonly ?DOMNamedNodeMap $attributes;
public readonly ?DOMDocument $ownerDocument;
public readonly ?string $namespaceURI;
public ?string $prefix;
public readonly string $localName;
public readonly ?string $baseURI;
public string $textContent;
/* Yöntemler */
public __construct(string $name)
/* Miras alınan özellikler */
public DOMNode::appendChild(DOMNode $yeni): DOMNode|false
public DOMNode::C14N(
    bool $özel = false,
    bool $aAçıklamalı = false,
    ?array $xpath = null,
    ?array $isim_alanları = null
): string|false
public DOMNode::C14NFile(
    string $uri,
    bool $exclusive = false,
    bool $withComments = false,
    ?array $xpath = null,
    ?array $nsPrefixes = null
): int|false
public DOMNode::cloneNode(bool $torunlar_dahil = false): DOMNode|false
public DOMNode::getLineNo(): int
public DOMNode::getNodePath(): ?string
public DOMNode::hasAttributes(): bool
public DOMNode::hasChildNodes(): bool
public DOMNode::insertBefore(DOMNode $yeni, ?DOMNode $mevcut = null): DOMNode|false
public DOMNode::isDefaultNamespace(string $uri): bool
public DOMNode::isSameNode(DOMNode $düğüm): bool
public DOMNode::isSupported(string $özellik, string $sürüm): bool
public DOMNode::lookupNamespaceURI(string $önek): string
public DOMNode::lookupPrefix(string $uri): ?string
public DOMNode::normalize(): void
public DOMNode::removeChild(DOMNode $eski): DOMNode|false
public DOMNode::replaceChild(DOMNode $yeni, DOMNode $eski): DOMNode|false


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