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(PECL imagick 3)

Imagick::setColorspaceEstablecer el espacio de color


Imagick::setColorspace ( int $COLORSPACE ) : bool

Establece el valor del espacio de color global para el objeto. Este método está disponible si Imagick ha sido compilado con la versión 6.5.7 o superior de ImageMagick.



Una de las constantes COLORSPACE

Valores devueltos

Devuelve true en caso de éxito.


Lanza ImagickException en caso de error.

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simonjjarrett at gmail dot com
11 months ago
This method has to be called BEFORE any files are loaded into the Imagick object.

By default, Imagick will incorrectly read CMYK PDFs - it will read each channel as a greyscale page resulting in 4 times the number of pages. By specifying the desired colorspace (usually SRGB) before reading the file, GhostScript will automatically convert it.

= new Imagick();

// set the sampling resolution

// set the desired format

6 years ago
Right now this function doesn't appear to do anything, ref:

As mentioned in the answer, modulateImage works fine as a replacement for converting to gray scale.


= new Imagick("input.jpg");

$image->modulateImage(100, 0, 100);



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